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About sigh Tower Closure notice
2014-04-18 17:15:21 Font: [ Large in Small ]

  Dear DNF users:

  Sigh tower is on the line for the majority of players the opportunity to get more epic items,that isloved by everyone. But, because there are some stability issues- sigh Tower, we regret the decision to start this week; sigh tower will begin closing, while the tower would give improvement. Specific times will be posted in the official bulletin, We apologize in advance to have caused great inconvienence.

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Ikkiotusen Lives!
By TooneGeminiElf, Mar 3, 14 6:04 AM

- The alternative DNF China, some would say that it's difficult to get in to play, but it's much easier than you think. With the help of auxilium gaming that provides a wealth of resources, and a haven for like-minded gamers,<... Read More

New Home! New Adventure!
By TooneGeminiElf, Jul 7, 13 11:34 AM

The Advent Children To Dungeon Fighter Online, Before the final catastrophic process, The strange elf known and loved by all as Seria, Had used the final forbidden spell, Casting out all monsters in one fell swoop, at the same time, she sacrificed herself to ensure that those that always answered th... Read More

A shimmer of Hope..
By TooneGeminiElf, Apr 3, 13 11:35 PM

Hello Guys! There is now an official movement to try to get Killer-Combo Games to Host DFO.

Many have already sent the GM's a support ticket(s), and the feedback is somewhat positive!

Do your part by signing up with Killer-Combo games, then submit a ticket.

Please try your be... Read More

Dfo Is Finally Dying.....
By TooneGeminiElf, Apr 3, 13 2:26 AM

 Dfo is Official Closing its doors.

But what of IKKITOUSEN? IKKITOUSEN will continue, We will hold a Poll to see what other MMO we can converger to. Officially, we have playable content till June 13th. I speculat... Read More

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               March 14th 2014

Looking to Download Dnf- But Not sure where to Look?
As a special treat we have provided Links to the Latest Version of the game!

Version File Size : 4185MB ---------->Here

To Facilitate things, you can also DL the latest patch for DNF.
Version File Size : 100.1MB ---------->Here

This Would certainly make things much more easier than having to wait for the game to patch on its own.
As Newer Versions of DNF become Readily available, Links will be updated.

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